yeahlaunch is some more software that I didn't actually write (just like wmeyes and my patch to wmwork), but this time, instead of hacking it to work under Solaris, I added a config file. My patch is based on yeahlaunch-0.2, but as I emailed the author two years ago and never got any response, I decided to put my patch up here. If you want to see screenshots (other than the one at the top of this page, which is from my desktop), they're on the original site too.

Basically, yeahlaunch draws a 1 pixel bar on one edge of your desktop. When you mouse over it, buttons pop out to launch stuff. It's a replacement for a desktop menu under window managers like evilwm that don't have a root menu. (You could also use keyboard shortcuts, as the author of evilwm expects, but this is another alternative.)

yeahlaunch is written in straight C and should build on any UNIX and run under any window manager. yeahlaunch does require that the X11 "development" headers be installed in order to compile it.

You can download yeahlaunch in a few ways.

yeahlaunch has been released under the GNU General Public License, version 2. If you want an authoritative version of that license, you can look at GNU's copy of the GPL, version 2. My patch is also under the GPL version 2, or any later version (at your option).

The README (weighing in at 2.6K) is here, too, just so that you can see what you're getting into.

If you run into problems or you have suggestions, pop me some email; my email address is bstern at this domain (leave off the "www." for savings).


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